Our Wines

We are a small batch winery specializing in a number of different fruit wines that are released at different times through out the year.  Tom takes care and pride in the creation of each small batch, working to bring flavor and variety that will tantalize your taste buds.  All Sunny Slope Wines are hand-crafted by Tom Bright and bottled here in our Holmes County winery.  

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just starting out with wine, we know that you will find something to love at Sunny!   

Our Standard Wines

These wines are the foundation of Sunny Slope Winery.  They were the original creation by Tom, and because they are so special we always have them here for you to try year round.


Sweet Red Wine

Think “Welch’s sweet juice box, only for the foxy mama”.  When our neighbor tasted Tom’s first batch, his review was “it’s so good it makes you wanna slap you mama”.  This current batch is made from Concord grapes from the Finger Lakes region of New York.  Served best with neighbors!

Big Prairie White

Sweet White Wine

This is a light, sweet moscato grape wine.  The perfect base for a fruity wine drink, or it stands alone as a perfect glass on a hot day.  The golden white color recalls the fields at harvest here in Big Prairie.  Cheers to the local farmers who make this such a beautiful place to be.

Cabernet Franc

Dry Red Wine

Tempt your taste buds with the mature flavor offered by the Cabernet Franc grape.  We find notes of tobacco, black currant, violets, and even the aroma of the morning dew.  Take a sip and let us know where your taste buds take you.


Fruit Wine

The aroma of the wild Elderberry is a bouquet to the senses. This wine captures it with a sweet, wild floral berry flavor, and just a hint of natural bitters at the end.  Our most popular standard wine pleasing to the sweet and dry wine lover.


Dry White Wine

This wine is a blend of Malvasia and Sauvignon Blanc blend, imported from Italy.  You will experience notes of Asian Pear and Jalapeno. 

Squall Valley Lovers

Sweet Blush Wine

Named after the “holler” where these two Holmes County love birds met in 1998, Squall Valley Lovers is a beautifully sweet blend of white grape wine and elderberries.

Our Seasonal Wines

These wines are available seasonally through out the year.  Check our Facebook page for current wine release events, or give us a call to see what’s new to try! 

Plum Wine

Fruit Wine

We know the Holidays are on the way when Tom starts making Plum wine. This has quickly become a wintertime favorite. This is a Semi-Sweet wine and we have found that is pleases the taste buds of a lot of sweet and dry drinkers. The perfect compliment to your Holiday table.

Peach Wine

Fruit Wine

Peach lovers dreams come true when Tom gets fresh peaches into his hands.  He started making peach wine with left over skins and pits his wife discarded when canning. It was so good, and it quickly became a favorite.  We try and release this small batch as least once a year. Like biting into a fresh juicy peach.  

Raspberry Wine

Fruit Wine

Made from locally picked ripe raspberries. This amazing fruit wine serves up well with a nice piece of chocolate cake.

Strawberry Wine

Fruit Wine

This is our most popular of the Small Batch releases to date. We release Strawberry Wine three times a year. Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and Sweetest Day its worth the drive it you don’t live close.  This wine is such a treat, light bodied sweet strawberry wine. 

Holmes County Blues

Fruit Wine

Fresh picked in the heat of a Holmes County summer, blueberries from local Bell Ridge and lemons make this wine. You won’t be blue after you fall in love at first sip.

Hard to the Core

Fruit Wine

Harvey Mast at Harvey’s Market just down the hill from us at Sunny Slope presses delicious cider for us to make this special apple wine. This wine is light and crisp using a blend of apples; gala, honey-crisp, red and yellow, Johnny gold and fugi. 

Watermelon Crawl

Fruit Wine

Summers at Sunny have to include Watermelon Crawl. This is a tricky wine to make. We only release the batches that turn out great. This wine is made with all but the rind. Super light and refreshing. It is lovely served with a sprig of mint. 

Sunny Slope Mead

Fruit Wine

Our version of this ancient Viking crunk juice is made from local Holmes County honey and produces a combination of ultra sweet taste and high alcohol content that may just bring out the Beeserker in you.


Fruit Wine

Summertime is MANGOnificent and so is this wine.  We bought fresh pressed mango juice from Brazil to create this last taste of Summer small batch. 

Coal Bank Hill

Fruit Wine

Blackberry Wine, named after a hot spot for blackberries in Holmes County. Many hands come together when Tom produces his blackberry wine. It is a collection of blackberries picked locally, and its community in a bottle. A winederlust to the senses. Sip and savor the Holmes County Wilderness with Coal Bank Hill at your lips.

Pickle's Daughter

Fruit Wine

Pickle’s Daughter? Yes! This is a Pear Wine. Tom has made many wines and Tara has tried them all. This is Tara’s favorite of his fruit wines so he decided to name it after her. Pickle is a nickname her Dad picked up in grade school here in Holmes County. Take Pickle’s Daughters word for it and come try it.